AFEA-Logo-2CMembership in the Arkansas Festivals & Events Association improves the quality of your festival or special event by helping to promote and educate.

When you  join the Arkansas Festivals & Events Association, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. Networking and communication with other festivals, special events, and vendors
  2. Priority consideration to vendor members of AFEA
  3. Professional development seminars
  4. Listings on AFEA website
  5. Access to AFEA’s membership database
  6. Quarterly newsletter
  7. Publicity assistance
  8. Year-long round-table opportunities via Member2Member Question
  9. Annual AFEA conference and other Association events with discounted registration
  10. Eligibility for the AFEA Awards
  11. Representation at events such as the Governor’s Conference on Tourism
  12. Representation in the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA)

Keep up to date on the latest festival and special event trends and information ! AFEA hosts a 2-day conference in late January/early February, bringing together festivals, special events, vendors, entertainers, businesses and organizers to educate and inform.

Networking plays an important part in our organization. The knowledge received by sharing information, successes and failures cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Members are encouraged to network throughout the year through the Member to Member Question listserv. Need advice? Having a problem with your event? There is a good chance others have experienced the same. Submit your question and it will be distributed through the listserv to all AFEA members. Ideas, answers, and suggestions will be sent directly to you!

5 – 2015 AFEA Code of Conduct

Get the Recognition You Deserve

You’ve worked hard and your event was a big success! As a member of AFEA you will be eligible for the ALFiE Awards.

This annual AFEA Awards Ceremony honors the best in festivals and special events. Some of the categories include: Best New Festival, The Heritage Award, The Classic Award, Outstanding New Idea, Community Trademark Award, Vendor of the Year and Festival of the Year.

ALFiE Promotional Awards are available in the categories of:

  • T-shirts/Sweatshirts
  • Souvenir
  • Poster
  • Color Brochure
  • Newspaper Tabloid
  • Event Photo
  • Event Website

ALFiE Award finalists and winners are announced in a statewide media release, featured in the AFEA newsletter and on the AFEA website.

AFEA Wants You!

Membership in AFEA is open to all organizations, businesses, and individuals active in producing, managing, and/or supplying goods and services to festivals and special events in Arkansas.

As with any association, there is strength in numbers. Festivals and special events are a major part of tourism in our state. These events enhance the quality of life in a community, not just financially, but by creating a special cooperative spirit through the hard work of its volunteers and coordinators.

Any association is only as good as its members. Join the Arkansas Festivals & Events Association today!