The Remnants of Rock

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The Remnants of Rock deliver a Branson style show featuring “The best music from Rock’s golden era 1959-1969” including classic songs by the Animals, Beach Boys, Beatles, Righteous Brothers, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Four Tops, Temptations and the Memphis & Motown sound. The band covers only Billboard’s Top 40 hits and the majority of the songs are #1 hit records from the era. The band’s goal is to recreate the classic songs of the 1960s as accurately as possible. Some of the greatest music of all time was created in the 1960s. The music defined a generation and is the foundation of America’s iconic pop culture. The Remnants of Rock, formerly known as The St. James Group, formed in 1968 in the middle of this historic era.


Imagine walking into the student union for the homecoming dance on any college campus during the 1960s and hearing the best show band you’ve ever heard! Close your eyes and think back, because this is the performance The Remnants will deliver. The band plays only the top hits from the 1960s, which is often called the sweet spot of the era. The Remnants of Rock in concert appeal to all ages, and unquestionably, the music is the sound track of our lives and continues to be embraced by younger generations.

The Remnants of Rock is a roster member of the Arkansas Arts Council’s “Arts on Tour” Grant Program. Qualified organizations can apply for grants, which will reimburse 40% of the total artist fee up to $2,000.00 per performance.


Rick Calhoun

Mid-South Artist Management

P.O. Box 7593

Little Rock, AR 72207

(501) 944-0827




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