Open Streets


Open Streets promote healthy, active living through a series of free events held across the region! On a car-free safe corridor, you and your family can enjoy an afternoon to walk, bike, skate, play, dance, and discover active transportation in the streets!

From 12 pm-4 pm, we shut down the streets to cars to create a safe place for the community to get active in the streets. Our routes are typically .5mi-1mi corridor of fun!

Expect lots of hands-on activities that get you moving and grooving down the street. We invite local partners, organizations, businesses, and neighbors to partake in a day of play. If you’re interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, send us an email at!


Open Streets Bentonville- May 31

Open Streets Springdalee- June 14

Open Streets Fayetteville- September 13

Open Streets Rogers- October 4

  • Person Candice Kozark
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