Have you heard? Our awards team put their heads together to design an awards program fit for 2020- new, unexpected, and a little unusual 😉

With the festival and events industry being in such uncharted territory this year it was apparent that our usual awards program was just not going to carry over, so, we went to the drawing board. Our sincere hope for these 2020 awards is to give festivals & events a voice and opportunity to shine even through the ups and downs that this year held for our industry. Take a look at the offered categories open for submission effective immediately through December 11. Links to enter for each category are located next to the title.


  1. Festivals, events, and businesses entered for these awards MUST be a current, paid member of the Arkansas Festivals & Events Association. If you are interested in applying for an award and are not a member, please see our membership page or call 501-350-2378.
  2. Deadline for entries is 5:00pm on December 11. No entries will be accepted after this time.
  3. NEW– unless noted otherwise in the entry form, many of these awards are open dated, meaning: the event did not have to occur in 2020 to win. (See categories for more info).
  4. A google account is required in order for responses to be recorded.
  5. A separate form must be completed for each entry.
  6. Judging for these awards is outsourced outside of the association for fairness and to allow all festivals, events, and businesses to be eligible.
  7. It is notated in each entry form whether there will be a first, second, third place prize or if that particular category is a single winner category. (Example: Arkansas Proud award will only accommodate 1 winner).
  8. We strongly encourage typing all answers in Microsoft Word or other application and copy & pasting answers into the Google Forms to protect your work.
  9. Winners will receive certificates, trophies, press release rights, and AFEA Award Winner seal for marketing purposes.

Award Form Links (Once you click on the form link, a description of each award will be at the top of the page):

Best Food Themed Event: https://forms.gle/PzJJGJWvutLHneEB9

Best Children’s Program: https://forms.gle/LKEUNss79xzS9Vwf7

Most Unique Festival or Event: https://forms.gle/hjDodFgiQwag9VVf9

Best Virtual Festival or Event 2020: https://forms.gle/bTQftmNZSNHehzTk8

2020 Pivot Award:   https://forms.gle/R4yfuqMc8Asqok6VA

Arkansas Proud Award: https://forms.gle/TA16HaezMvhbqtMX7

Best Promotional Video for 2020: https://forms.gle/tS2zBTo4iNymM9sTA

Best Event Photo for 2020: https://forms.gle/3UVdnJGZvtyiaweP6

Best T-shirt/Sweatshirt: https://forms.gle/p2p1WHRdPPUYCQVZ6

Most Missed Festival or Event in 2020: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PSCBMJ3

Good luck to all entrants! We look forward to seeing you at the 37th Annual AFEA Conference & Trade Show in in Little Rock February 3 & 4, 2021. See Conference page for more details!