Announcing Membership Enhancements!
In 2017, the AFEA is enhancing membership benefits with a few additions and options to help you get the most out of your membership through mentoring, exposure, discounts, and new networking opportunities. Here are some announcements that we are excited to share with you and hope that you will enjoy and take advantage of:

  • Board Member Advisor/Mentor Program
  • Exclusive Insurance Offer From Simmons First Bank Insurance Services
  • Area Networking Events
  • AFEA Charity Alliance
  • More details to be announced!
Board Member Advisor/Mentor Program

Members of the AFEA Board of Directors have been assigned members to provide assistance and support to if needed as a benefit of your AFEA membership. You will be contacted by your assigned board member and provided with contact information, areas of expertise, and receive general communication throughout the year regarding your membership needs. Our board members are an excellent resource for information and a valuable advocate to have in this industry, we are thankful to have them!

Exclusive Insurance Offering

Simmons First Bank Insurance Division has partnered with the AFEA to offer exclusive access for members of the AFEA. See more details highlighted in their New Member Spotlight below!

AFEA Networking Events

The AFEA will be hosting networking events for existing members and potential new members in various parts of the state starting this year with central Arkansas on Tuesday, July 11 at the Arkansas Food Bank. This event will be designed to allow members to view entertainment and other services offered for events from within these areas, as well as offer chances to network with others in the community and grow the AFEA member base. Be on the lookout for details about an AFEA Networking Event coming to your area, it will be a great way to get involved!

AFEA Charity Alliance

The AFEA will be partnering with the Arkansas Food Bank not only for the purpose of an association charity alliance, but also to assist in adding a charity component to any AFEA member event that wishes to do so. The Arkansas Food Bank was incorporated in 1984 and since that time the organization has grown to include 450 local partner agencies and delivering over 19 million pounds of food in the organizations 33-county service area. According to the 2014 Hunger in America study the Foodbank serves 280,000 people. What a great way to give back with your event! For more information on how to have the Arkansas Food Bank involved in your next event, contact us at 501-350-2378 or